June Jaeger


“I find textile art fun; allowing me to be inventive, creative, and tell a story with the use of fabric.  Cutting fabric shapes to create pictures in a collage style, and painting images with inks and liquid dyes fulfill my artistic desires.

My goal is to reflect the “spirit” of my vision into art.  My creations come from within, filling my soul with purpose, leaving the subject with a small touch of mystery.”

Born and raised in Central Oregon, June has been influenced by her environment.  An outdoorsy girl, she found horses and nature to be the subject of her textile art.  She likes to explore details as she paints with fabric, creating one of a kind art.

Sharing also play a role in June’s life. She travels around the Northwest teaching Pictorial Fabric Painting, Painting with Inks, and Painting with Fabric Dyes. June’s quilts have been juried into International shows and galleries, and over the past 20 years, she has been featured in numerous magazines. Now living in Sisters, Oregon near family, she is enjoying her retirement by creating textile art.

June Jaeger
Sisters, Oregon