4th Friday Art Stroll October 27th, 2017


Featuring works by Dan Rickards

"Lupine in Bloom" Original Acrylic on Canvas by Dan Rickards 7,900

"Lupine in Bloom" Original Acrylic on Canvas by Dan Rickards



The Story behind the Painting...

Dan's newest painting, "Lupine In Bloom", has stirred up vivid memories I'd stored away in an old leather bound, hiking journal. Resurrected images of brilliant paintbrush and lupine, quick dips in icy cold lakes, glittering stars on soft black velvet skies, and of course so many silent steps on the ever-present trail were suddenly alive and well in my mind's eye.  And what a blessing after our smoke-filled Oregon Fall, as a part of me couldn't help but feel a great sadness for our wilderness. 

That sadness, however, was beautifully tempered this week by a patron of Clearwater Gallery. She extolled the beauty of a recent favorite hike of hers, one that once wound a trail through a healthy and vibrant forest to a mountain's base. Now, that trail still winds to that same mountain, but with an altogether different, charred, landscape. She was able to put those past hikes, well...in the past, and truly experience this "new-old trail" with unimagined offerings. I couldn't help but feel humbled and encouraged as she exclaimed, "I Love that hike!" 

"Lupine In Bloom" gives us a front row seat to a sliver of Creation's beauty, a sort of visual journal entry, so to speak: where memories can be appreciated and viewed at a glance and we can be reminded that even (unexpected) change carries with it "unforeseen gifts".