"I got my start making pottery in a high school pottery class in Portland, Oregon. It came naturally for me in the beginning. In 1985, I took a production pottery job. I took it thinking I would make a few pots and then go get a real job. Well I have been doing it every since. 
Throwing is the term used to describe a piece being created on the potter's wheel. Wedged clay is positioned in the center of the wheel and is pulled and shaped by the potter's hands and tools as the wheel turns. Throwing consistently is a challenge for beginning potters. It takes years of experience to throw good pottery. At first I felt like the clay had most of the control. At times the clay had a mind of its own. After 20 years of throwing I feel like I finally have mastered the art of throwing. The clay picks up part of everything you do to it, and it's reflected in the final result. Throwing is the magical part of making pottery."