When I was 14 years old I was riding our old sorrel mare "Star" who had just started off at a soft gallop.  Just for a moment I closed my eyes as I dropped the knotted reins and opened my arms out wide.   I loved the wind on my face and I think she did too.  I listened to the rhythm of her hooves and the rise and fall of her mane.   It was a special moment between Star and I and that memory has stayed with me my entire life.  Star was my first love and she was a grouchy old girl who just put up with me. Then along came Ginger, a very gentle quarter horse that could out run any horse i put her up against.    Living on a ranch was a wonderful experience for my sisters and I.
I was part of a riding club in my teens and  got to show my mare Ginger at the county fair during the summers and ride in the local Blackberry Festival parade.  We didn't own a horse trailer, so I rode Ginger all the way into Sutherlin (9 miles!!!).  Then I rode her in the parade and after the parade I rode her all the way back home.  My mother followed closely behind in her jeep to make sure we made it to and fro safely.  Thank you mom! I love you!  

My artistic interests started when I was about 4 years old.  Nothing made me happier than a big box of crayons, paper, scissors and a coloring book.  By the time I was 16 I was winning state wide competitions and I got my first commission when I was a sophomore in high school.  High school and college art courses and studying under some of the nation's finest art teachers prepared me for a career in Advertising.  I created and designed newspaper advertising, radio and TV commercials for two of the nation's largest retail chains: Payless Northwest and The Bon Marche' which is now Macy's West.  I loved my advertisting career and I am so happy to be doing what I now love.  Create and paint art.   I have two distinct painting styles: realism and abstract.  Painting in these two styles challenges me and helps me grow as an artist. I have loved my art journey and as it continues I find myself changing and growing right along side of life.  Everything and everyone inspires me.  Originally an oil artist I now prefer the freedom and versatility of acrylics.  I use a palette of 6 to 8 colors of Golden acrylics.  I draw and paint from my photographs because the horse, light and shadows are constantly moving.   I need two lifetimes to complete all of my future paintings.  I can't wait to begin my next painting!